Hello, I'm Avalon.

I spent three years being assessed on the likes of Shakespeare, Keats, Nabokov (to name a few), and despite the many sleepless nights, I kind of miss it.

I'm an old soul who can quite often be found curled on the sofa, milky tea in hand, with my head in a good book and repeats of Come Dine With Me / re-runs of Friends in the background. Aside from that, I spend my days and nights writing 'till my hearts content and dreaming of residing in the quiet countryside.

My blog is an extension of my always introvert, sometimes girly demeanor where you will most likely find creative dabbling,  and recipes aplenty.

More recently, I've embarked on a mindful, well being focused lifestyle and I've been inspired to share my journeying into a better, more positive outlook in life. Whether its fitness, nourishing recipes or little life pleasures - I aim to share my journey, in the hope it may help or inspire others in times of need.