No More Skirt Girl



Having been dubbed skirt girl in the past it has been quite difficult to dip my toes into the foray of its less forgiving, rigid wearing counterpart. With my long standing record for non jeans wearing standing well over a year i was becoming all too familiar with slipping on a skater girl skirt nine times out of ten, when it all became a bit too samey for my liking.

As someone in their twenties who is regularly ID'ed for purchasing medicine and DVDs 10 years her junior its youthful look wasn't quite doing me many favours, either. I have been a long serving member of fit and flare for quite some time and subsequent to my fifties phase was eager to fill my wardrobe with nothing short of girly. With not a casual t-shirt or trouser look in sight.

After i left University, i found myself getting stuck in many ruts, clothing being one of them. I was incredibly eager to overhaul my whole look, banish my schoolgirl persona, in place of a adult uniform which felt more like me and i wanted to break free of pigeonholing myself into clothing categories, which has become something of a habit throughout my years.

I was craving a casual change up in the way i dressed. I've long been an avid movie watcher and noted all the looks i admired were those which were free spirited, bohemian, sometimes tailored and always, classic and took great inspiration from European women, mainly French. One of the more noticeable inspirations were Vicky and Cristina, of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and the relaxed jeans and t-shirt feel.

To ease me into jean wearing i started with a pair of H&M Black Slim Fit Jeans which have barely left my body. Then onto a deep indigo pair of ASOS Ridley High Waisted Jeans which felt like second skin. Which brings me onto my newest pair, H&M's Tapered Leg Boyfriend Jean, which i found tucked away in H&M Bond Street after scouting central London looking for them.

I never thought i would enjoy wearing jeans so much. Just tell my old peers, they'll never believe you!