Fresh Mint Tea



If you take a root around my fridge, you'll most likely find the biggest bunch of fresh mint awaiting the weekly roast. It's on hand to partner with anything and everything, though as much as i use it, i had never even thought twice about brewing a mint tea.

After my nauseous reaction to peppermint tea, i was a little weary when kindly offered it a week or so ago, but I was completely taken aback at how much i enjoyed it. It's becoming something of a morning tradition, and a simple pleasure which is in no way the naughty type of indulgence. 

I like to grab a small handful of mint - wash it, place in my favourite mug and top with boiling water, leaving to brew for five minutes before enjoying. With the mint leaves still intact and swimming around my glass mug it make the experience all the more enjoyable. I find it's a particularly great accompaniment to a few minutes of calm in the middle of the day, or an early morning start. Whether this is a recipe for new discoveries or a pledge for more mint tea drinkers in the world i'm not sure, so perhaps i could call it a happy medium! Chin chin!

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