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Having always been one of those people interested in everything i have struggled pertaining to a concise number of studies throughout my schooling years. Shortly after parting with my love for graphic design and foreign languages it was time to focus on achieving a single University degree. Anyone studying will tell the same stories of sleepless nights and 24 hours in the day not quite being enough, so i lacked in the hobbies department.

After years eyeing up the aisles in Hobbycraft with sewing machines, label makers and paints the time has come for me to rekindle my passion for crafts. I've always longed to be the kind of girl who can make things; be it clothes, accessories or paintings as i hugely admire that type of craftsmanship, not forgetting the people with that unique talent. So, I've taken the challenge to testing the theory that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it, in my bid to learn the craft.

I was keen to unleash a creative streak i had bubbling away. Now, armed with a few crafting tools with not much else stopping me, i'm eager to get started. As it stands, my 'to learn' list includes knitting, watercolour painting and finding my way around a gorgeous singer machine, as seeing it sit here unused is a painful sight. Although i can only envisage sewing my fingers together after my previous episodes with the old sewing machine.

Seeing as the postman recently dropped off the Winsor & Newton Sketchers' Box, painting will be my first venture, but having only dabbled with a paintbrush in my younger years i really am the complete novice.

So it seems I've got a new hobby to get cracking with. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials.

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