A Month on Monday - April



After years of scrolling through monthly round up posts aplenty and falling for the concept i thought to start my first ever feature, A Month on Monday. Although my blog follows my many musings, i've become aware of my increasing self consciousness about being too personal, which is a barrier i'd love to break. As an avid list maker/daydreaming aficionado this monthly round up is something of a conscious effort for me to turn rumination into something self improving, and as i'm already discovering even non momentous events when noted down can be turned into inspirations. Although the month of April has been a little blue, i'm keen to pick apart the little joyous moments .

Poorly Procrastination
Being poorly is anything but ideal but if there's one thing being bed bound for the past week has taught me it's to appreciate the simplest, simple things i otherwise take for granted and to cherish my own company, however monotonous. Being able to mosey around on my clumsy flat feet, flail my arms whilst gesturing, and dance aimlessly about the house like a child post sugar treat, are all seeming like blissful luxuries at the moment. Although i often find myself consumed with happiness at the littlest things i'm all too often bogged down and life's knocks effect me in a way unimaginable.When life's dealt a bit of a rough blow its easy to be left scraping the barrel for things to appreciate but there are those teeny, tiny existing treasures.

Creature Comforts
My humble abode has always been a place of comfort but even more so this past month. I've been admiring the collection of books I've so lovingly curated for years, and even developed an appreciation for the obligatory book purchases that sent me into a study coma not too long ago. It seems i also have a thing for collecting ASOS and H&M magazines, but they make for great pick ups when lacking inspiration for things to wear. Or, when i'm going crossed eyed from staring at the computer screen for too long. I've also been gracing my surroundings with the most gorgeous tulips, which are fast becoming my favourite flower, although i definitely need to look up some flower arranging tips!

Social Media
Lastly, I've finally joined Twitter as a blog handle. Having been frightened of social media for so long i'm slowly starting to rep the rewards of being in the loop and facing my fear. I've been able to interact with some of my favourite writers and keep up to date with their little daily musings, which for an 11 year old girl who stood in rainy London queuing to meet Jacqueline Wilson, is a dream beyond her wildest imagination.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!