A Foundation Tale



Ever the makeup novice, I've trailed a fair few makeup bases promising pore less, perfected, illuminated skin all of which have disappointing me, if purely because i like the simple things in life. I've only ever wanted a makeup base to give a clearer, and believable finish which didn't compromise the condition of my skin. Now i look back i was a fairly late bloomer as I only first became aware of base offerings when i was showered with makeup choices after my prom make over. Smitten, my fifteen year old self happily handed over her saved pennies in exchange for my first ever foundation, soon after. Which also turned out to also be the momentous time i started my first ever job, so you could say i felt every inch an adult.

Years later in the summer of 2012, i was determined to find something different. I wanted the skin i had so often seen on French women but it was becoming an issue picking up an authentic shade match, let alone a finish preference. After becoming increasingly upset at being wrongly shade matched i took the matter into my own hands and blind ordered the Elf Tinted Moisturiser (Espresso) after i discovered Elf, an online treasure trove. Colours aplenty, reasonably priced and American! - It was enough to send my girly heart into overdrive. 

I must admit, I didn't particularly have high hopes, nor did i know that this bottle priced at £4.50 would be the make up base for me. After trying it for the first time i came downstairs for my family to say, 'wow it's actually your skin colour'-That was a good start. It was only when i was complimented on my skin at work that i knew it was not only doing the trick, but something special. The longevity along with the SPF, the just about enough coverage and moisturising quality just happened to be a perfect fit for me.

Having thought about how little raves there are about this product, i was reminded of my nineteen year old self and thought how much i would have loved to hear about this Tinted Moisturiser by Elf. I may know a little bit more about the beauty industry as compared to a few years ago but i can honestly say, in among a swarm of beauty products, it reigns supreme - even four years later.