My Hair Style Journey - For Better, Worse, or Lack of



Being a big curly haired natural, the discovery of straighteners and whip in and out extensions was more than enough to curb my hair curiosity. It transformed my poodle-esque mane into a faux, sleeker version of itself and enabled me to get up and go, sans wrestling with a hair brush in the early hours. But over the past few years I've been left wondering about my signature hair style and noticing just how unadventurous I have become with my hair.

I'm pretty sure i was destined to be a hair bore as I've forever been the play safe of two sisters. While my younger sister would have her hair dyed all the colours under the rainbow, i would lie in bed contemplating if a fashioned hair braid would be well received by my peers, and whether i should remove said braid before it left a noticeable kink in my tresses.

Aside from my non adventurous nature, you could say I partly blame University. When i was told that studenthood would not only significantly affect my fridge content but my ability to preen, i didn't quite believe how much. The 5.30 am panic stricken starts, hard working nights, and drunk induced dorm alarms. If you asked one final year student whether she had time to style her hair she would probably look at you as if to say, 'I've just got in from a night out', 'I've been in the library all night', or complain of her 3 am wake up call, in the name of after hours house rave. With mine being the latter, I lacked a considerable amount of sleep to even function, let alone reach for a curling barrel.

As the owner of a number of hair tools, you wouldn't quite believe my hair complacency, but as you can now imagine i was defeated. Now student woes are a thing of the past,  I have vowed to let the scaredy pants phase subside, so i'm dusting off my curling wands, bands, and getting crafty with some clips. After all, those wands have to go to some use. I hope to share hair chronicles both good and bad, along the way. If anything, this is a written reminder.