Learning To Be Mindful with The Chocolate Meditation



In an attempt to adopt a mindful lifestyle, I purchased a few books to help me along the way. Nestled in one of them was a practice for The Chocolate Meditation, as an introductory taster to ease the mind into a sense of awareness. As you can imagine i was lured, if not purely for the mention of chocolate.

When I first heard of The Chocolate Meditation I thought it could be either of three things. So i can now confirm that it isn't A-eating enough chocolate to my hearts content. Nor is it B-reciting some solemn words to a bar of chocolate, or the horror of C-facing the possibility of a lifetime without chocolate. Mid chocolate glare and the whole purpose of this exercise became clear. Firstly, it occurred to me how unnatural it felt to look so mindfully at a piece of chocolate. After that thought surpassed i then went on to wonder why it felt so strange? After all, hadn't i housed a fair few chocolate bars in my life?

Then my mindlessness really stung me, I had a certain realisation of all the small details that pass me by in an average day. All the times i rarely paid attention to the present flickered through my mind, like a wave of regret. How was it possible, that in all my twenty plus years I had never really looked at a chocolate bar closely. Sure, I had eaten plenty in my life, but i didn't know what they really looked like. 

When it comes to mindfulness, i believe there are three types of people. The admirable bunch with a sweet childness. Those of us who only examine what we deem to be momentous, whereas others are guilty of noticing overt beauty for that split second, before plodding about life hardly taking notice at all-either wrapped up in the past, future or mindlessly ruminating.

Like a hypocrite, I openly express my fondness of beautiful things, by showering my surroundings with the things i adore, like a pretense. However, when it boils down to it, they all fizzle into the background for the most part, so in that respect they're all pointless.

So what have I learnt from The Chocolate Meditation? Even if it's just a chocolate bar, why do we deny ourselves the luxury of fully noticing it. With chocolate meditation, something like eating a piece of chocolate can be turned into a divine luxury and i can see why it would be a good tool for any stresses and over indulgences. 

One of the many lessons learnt, along with my mind wandering tendencies, is that the mindful way of looking at chocolate can pose as a practice to apply to most things in life. The simplicity of paying attention is a healthy distraction. Ashamedly I had dismissed meditation without truly knowing it, but with this meditation being the stepping stone i needed, it's slowly trickling into my life, and so far i'm definitely feeling better for it.