A Ten Item Wardrobe.



Whilst reading Jennifer L.Scott's Lessons from Madame Chic, there were many chapters which really resonated with me. One of which was the Ten Item Wardrobe. Being an avid reader of Jennifer's Blog the Ten Item Wardrobe was a familiar concept, but the anecdote of how it came about made it all the more appealing. Not only did I get to further discover the concept (and dote on the art of French living), I also got to learn why having a capsule wardrobe could be as, if not more fulfilling than being armed with a bulging trend focused closet.

Clothes buying can be anything but mindful. I used to love nothing more than treasure hunting through the high street with a beady eye for each and every bargain I could find. I've also fallen victim to stuffing my virtual basket to the brim with coveted items only to be disappointed when the accumulated price reaches that of a weekly food shop, making me feel inferior to the fashion world.

As a clutter- phobe, I have never been one to push the consumer boundaries and surprisingly, the thought of a Carrie Bradshaw esque wardrobe isn't at all appealing for my tastes. But even I have items in my possession which are no longer suited and as a result are catching dust at the back of my wardrobe.

To be young in this day and age is often associated with a certain frivolousness and bad money management, and to be fashion forward is all too often linked with excessive accumulation. Whilst at University, it was seen as a fashion sin to wear the same clothing consecutively for fear of being outed on Facebook the following morning by snap happy peers. This led many girls including myself to panic buy, only for the items to find their way to the back of the wardrobe once the night had finished. But now I think about it, why were we so concerned about being seen in the same outfit twice?

It’s safe to say, my views of clothing are definitely changing as I’m no longer lusting over clothing as a possession but instead something to adorn, cherish and represent my personality which makes me more mindful in my selection process and i'm feeling less self conscious about donning items repeatedly.

As it currently stands, I’m leaning more towards the twenties, but as Jennifer puts it The Ten Item wardrobe is more of a refreshing and liberating process than it is a restriction. So far, I’m noticing a likening for billowy windswept fabrics, grey marl, polka dot and to my surprise, jeans are making a slow return since my tie dye sequin embossed gap denim days. I've fallen for this liberating concept not only for my wardrobe but my possessions, altogether. The downsizing process is currently under construction but I’ll be back showcasing my concise collection, and I can honestly say I've never been more excited about clothes!