A Sugar Lovers Detox



Sugar is certainly seducing and i will openly admit my penchant for the sweet stuff. Whilst at University, gone 7 pm I could quite often be found huddling over a pile of books in the library, with a strawberry lace or two for company in place of a substantial meal, or human interaction, for that matter. Plus, i can chow down a packet of fruit pastels like nobody's business. However, it did suddenly dawn on me during one of my contemplative moods (and many toothaches later), how it just couldn't be any good. I couldn't quite believe i was saying this, but I was feeling sick of sugar.

My mindlessness on the matter led me to turn a blind eye on the deterring effects too much sugar can play on the mind and body and second to this, I wanted to enlighten myself so that i could appreciate sweet treats and puddings, in place of fast sugar fixes. Ever the label scrutiniser, the prominent levels of sugar in everyday products didn't quite surprise me, it did however encourage me to keep up with home cooking and try to avoid store bought short cuts as best i could, which wasn't much of a problem as i come from a family of home cooks. Problem one sorted.

Although i have quite the sweet tooth, i can't say i reach the addict status , but i definitely felt like i could do with less of the refined kind in my life.  Having restricted my refined sugar intake dramatically i have come to realise this viscous cycle of adjusting without it is the easier part, but once it comfortably creeps back into your life on a regular basis, it warms its seat and becomes much harder to curb cravings.

So far, I've replaced refined sugars with fruits aplenty, mainly bananas in its many hero forms. I've learnt to avoid housing sugary foods, do my research - with Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar on the top of my current wishlist, and if all fails reading literature on how terrible sugar is for you/torturing myself with the prospect of dentures at the age of 22 usually does the trick.

So all in all I've learnt that i much appreciate a decadent luxurious molten chocolate pudding to accompany a lazy Sunday, as opposed to the guilt feeling of putting away the best part of a share bag of Maltesers as a dinner replacement every other day of the week. Now after having consumed one chocolate egg too many over the Easter, i'm back on the sugar detox, and i'm not too sad to say goodbye to sugar for a little while. 

Now, that's a first. Sugar, i'm getting over you!