A Peek Inside my Handbag



I've never really been a bag person. That's not to say I haven't been known as the crazy bag lady at given points in my life. Lets face it, who wouldn't call you bag lady when what you're known for is traipsing a hefty Ikea laptop bag, handbag and man handling a travel sized case to and from University and your home town on a weekly basis. Things have lessened in the handbag foray since i'm no longer lugging around the contents of my wardrobe as i flit from pillar to post, so I've gone a bit easier on myself. Carrying only what i deem to be essential..

Although i wouldn't consider myself a bag lover, with a current humble collection of 4. I found this beautiful handbag almost two years ago on a trip to Madrid, abandoned on a sale rack in Mango and had to take it back to the UK with me. It's safe to say, it's been on more than enough outings to equal its modest price tag. With the handles and lining still intact, i am both pleased, and shocked at the amazing quality given its lightweight appearance. After my holiday, I returned home to find these types of etched totes were hitting the UK by storm with the increasing popularity of the extravagantly priced Prada Saffino Tote (be still my beating heart), and its high street sister the Zara Office City Bag which quickly went out of stock.

The contents of my handbag contains a very apt purse given my fondness for cats, stress relief, the best non sticky gloss you'll ever find, the remains of a multipurpose salve from Paris the land of sweet dreams - which all members in my household are currently fighting over. Least forgetting the seasonal Mini Eggs that i'm forever oding to. 

Do not be deceived, there is a disguised nook hoarding all the necessities which i thought twice about boring you with; you know medicine, plasters, tissues, hand sanitizer, my lucky necklace.. the lot! Okay i'll admit, i'm yet to completely shake off the bag lady tendencies!

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