On Personal Style



As an adolescent girl who had her heart set on working in the clothing industry I've had my fair share of fashion dalliances, but the concept of style is something that bodes well with me in my twenties. It's the discovering who you are amid the fashion chaos, and separating from the copious amounts of clothing presented to us in our day to day lives. We only have to check 'new in' and we're in deep among a swarm of beautiful clothing pieces we so desperately yearn to part with our hard earned cash for, which is where having a sense of style plays the part as a humble decider.

So far, it's a slow and steady process of outing the 'non me' clothing and naturally, i'm sensing a drift in my style over the past years. My love of dresses will never die but there are some funky, faded fashions currently in my possession which don't quite suit my twenties self.

I'm no longer willing to have a fickle relationship with fashion, and know it'll take a lot more constraint but this time i'm in it for the long haul. I'm hoping to adorn my wardrobe with some much loved pieces to cherish for years to come. And when I look at them i want to think this is so, very me.