The Start of a Beautiful Journey



When I was younger, like most little girls I would eagerly watch my mum colour her lips with the most beautiful berry hues and blend magic coloured cream onto her already perfect skin. I would happily prowl through her makeup stash, clothes and accessories, don them all simultaneously and barely be able to walk through the house with her three inch stilts, and several yards of material draped behind. With my younger sister swiftly following suit.

However, through the years makeup has lost its allure. Rushing around studying, working and living an adult life pampering has often taken a back seat , deemed as unnecessary. Whereas making up myself can feel like a monotonous step in a daily routine. With not enough time for blush, ' I have to leave in five'.

To think of the amount of times I've haphazardly applied eyeliner on moving transportation, talked myself out of wearing waterproof mascara, or made excuses for painting my nails, insisting they'll be ruined whilst i'm cooking/cleaning/washing my hair. But, isn't that just life?

It was only until my early twenties when I worked part time in beauty that i realised through talking to people, (men and women), on how having some zen time can bring people such joy and that it's okay to be a little bit self-indulgent sometimes. How the act of pampering can soothe a troubled mind, a broken heart, a hard days labor, even if just for a few minutes.

So, unlike the admirable beauty bunch, this is my confession. Yes, this manicure did take some time. It will inevitably chip whilst i'm washing the dishes, but for the moment it feels so darn good. And that's exactly the learning curve, living in the present, not the future. I'll just have to stock up on cotton wool pads!